AAPI app: AAPI's hands-on employer app

During certain shifts, you don't have immediate access to a laptop or PC, which makes it handy (especially for last-minute changes) to have a smartphone handy.

So besides an employee APP ‘AAPI ME’ and a timekeeping APP ‘AAPI TIME’, AAPI also has an employer APP ‘AAPI APP’.

The bottom line is that you have pretty much the same features in the APP as in the web platform, with the only detail difference being that in the AAPI APP you only have a daily schedule overview.

With your smartphone in your hand, via the AAPI APP:

  • wherever you are, you have insight into your returns via the Dashboards: real-time, daily overview, predictive, simulation.
  • you can recruit and invite employees via SMS to download AAPI ME.
  • you can draw up contracts in just a few clicks
  • you change the schedule in no time: add employees, change hours, put an employee in absence , create an open slot, invite multiple employees for a shift, pull employee list based on availabilities,...
  • you can communicate internally via WHATSAAPI
  • The smart sensors in the notifier (part of WHATSAAPI) guide you through all the socio-legal points of interest
  • you have control over your efficiency and planning of different branches. You yourself may not be everywhere at once, but via your employer APP you manage your various branches flexibly and efficiently
  • ...

The hospitality sector, we know it like the back of our hand at AAPI. In fact, that's where we are...

And remember: No More Monkey Business 😉

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