AAPI's Contracts WIZARD

Create a new employment contract for every new employee? 

To print, send, hand-sign and scan those contracts afterwards …🥱

Fair? A person has better things to do. With AAPI, you create contracts, can have them digitally signed by your staff and store them all in a central place. 
No more documents getting lost! Done with all that paperwork.

AAPI's Contracts WIZARD

With AAPI's ‘Contracts WIZARD’, you extend multiple fixed-term hospitality contracts (for students, flexis, permanent employees,...) in no time.

The flow of this particular HR admin is super clear, and in terms of ‘user-friendliness and experience’ there is talk in terms of ‘extra efficient’ and ‘lightning-fast’. As ever, AAPI's smart sensors also smoothly guide you through the hospitality-specific (PC 302) social legal points of interest in this flow. And according to good AAPI practice, the entire administrative flow (automatic renewal of contracts - automatic submission of contracts for signature in AAPI ME - automatic sending of dimonas) is complete.

Always in order at every social inspection 👮‍♂️

New worker on the team? Congratulations! 🤙

But now that administrative shit comes with it. ‘Ouhnee!’, we can already hear you saying.

No worries!! 

Invite new employees via SMS or via the app AAPI ME to and let them register all their personal data themselves in the AAPI ME app. (Android/IOS).

Once this employee has filled in all the details, you will be notified via a notification. 

AAPI will then (based on the chosen status) automatically create the dimona and contract.

And remember: No More Monkey Business😉

Automatic Cancellation Dimona declaration