AAPI users praise the application!

Bar Eduard

Olivier Van Dessel

As hospitality entrepreneurs, we believe it is important to be able to focus on what really matters - the customer. Every minute we lose due to administration is one minute too many. That's why we want to digitise everything. This allows us to be shorter on the ball. If everything is digital and connected, we can not only

report more easily to the partners but also to the (future) staff.

We no longer need to keep track of everything in excel files and then convert that to graphs. AAPI does this for us. We also want to know how our business is doing NOW and not 2-3 months ago. To take action then, you are already too late. Hospitality is a sector where you need to take action immediately. If there is a problem, it should be identified and corrected today.

“AAPI is the much-needed dashboard for me”

Céleste Verhoeven


Céleste Verhoeven

For me, AAPI is the much-needed dashboard that enables us as catering entrepreneurs to have an overview of the costs and benefits of our business, so that -if necessary- we can quickly switch and adjust. I am very charmed by the openness of AAPI, and that the personnel management in all its aspects within AAPI can be linked to numerous other systems such as cash register, food management, accounting and social secretariat. The overview in one place is unique. Communication with permanent and casual staff runs through AAPI's personnel planning, allowing us to focus on the work instead of organising it.

In time (several months and much further), data collection will enable us to recognise patterns and create alerts through smart sensors so that we can take proactive action. All this will give us the necessary confidence to further focus on the core business of building a fine and profitable hospitality business without drowning in red tape, and without losing track during the long shifts.

“Tools such as AAPI are an efficient means of combining passion and knowledge.”

Kim Fontaine

​The Burgerij

The speed with which staff can be enrolled, contracts are available and DIMONAs are processed automatically provides reassurance and allows for last-minute corrections and adjustments according to the rules of the art.

These time savings free up time to spend even more on our passion. Also, more time can now be spent checking and establishing the true evolution of our management. A correct view of costs and revenues makes you, as a business manager, more confident and gives you confidence. With this knowledge, you can work future-oriented and support your long-term vision based on "Facts & Figures".

Australian Ice

Kim Fontaine

If you, as a company of different entities with different types of employees at different locations with different types of schedules, want to keep an overview of your labour costs -i.e. your returns-, you need a digital platform that provides you with all the mandatory and necessary info in real time. The wage bill is one of the most important pillars in today's catering business, but it should not take you away from your core job full-time. Our passion for food and service, our love for our customers and for the profession must be decisive, and tools such as AAPI are a welcome, efficient means of achieving the right combination between passion and knowledge.

Oud Edegem

Maarten en Thomas Ceusters

AAPI makes me feel good ... AAPI keeps me on my toes and bundles my major concerns: human resource management, cost analysis and day-to-day management in a nutshell. It is my daily wake-up call to get a clear and transparent picture of our hospitality business on key cost pillars, ratios and returns. AAPI ensures that I can do my own MEP in the kitchen and be behind my pots and pans, instead of spending too many hours at my desk.

It also encourages our staff to think with us and stop earlier/later because they know that with 1 press on the tablet, we have a good overview of the day or period and I can also confront them with this.