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The AAPI APP is the app for the hospitality entrepreneur/employer.

This AAPI employer application ensures that you can not only plan and communicate from your smartphone, but also keep an eye on your returns at all times.
Horeca entrepreneurship from your pocket: 24/7 consultable via app / smartphone and web platform / computer.


AAPI TIME is a digital time clock system where employees clock in/out in real time. It records and interprets time according to the schedule, contractual hours, and differences. Wage calculations, hour interpretations, and wage cost overviews are simplified.
The system is installed on a designated tablet/smartphone to avoid personal device usage.
Parameters are set based on preferences and AAPI can handle complex hour interpretations if desired.


AAPI ME is the application designed for AAPI's horeca (hotel/restaurant/cafe) employees.
This application, developed for the employee, simplifies all communication between colleagues and with their employer, and allows you to stay informed, to your great satisfaction.
All availabilities, shift changes, contracts, payslips, etc. are gathered in a trendy app - only on smartphone.


Stop using numerous WhatsApp groups! Henceforth, communicate with your team via WHATSAAPI. This app separates work from personal life and offers an efficient, streamlined approach to manage employer-employee communication. It ensures vital updates like schedule changes aren't missed as employees receive mobile notifications, demanding immediate attention.


Pootsy Pro is a mobile app for cleaners, available on iOS and Android.
It offers real-time access to schedules, the ability to update service status and report problems, and a digital communication system with the company and customers.
Electronic vouchers are automatically encoded and paper vouchers can be scanned in the app.


Simplify your cleaning business management with our app, available on iOS and Android. Automatically update your agenda when customers book services and easily communicate with them through the in-app chat. Monitor services in real-time for improved oversight and efficiency.