Complete planning & time tracking solution

Optimize staffing, contracting, tracking, payrolling, and planning with AAPI. Our real-time integration and mobile apps streamline HR tasks, ensuring efficiency and accuracy for your dynamic workforce.

Streamlined digital planning that saves you time with every step​

Crafted with experts and field feedback, our solutions integrate all the essential functionalities team managers need daily.

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Empower your team with a click for the ultimate employee hub

Keep your team informed and engaged with our app that provides instant access to schedules, pay slips, contracts, and more. Everything they need for smooth daily operations is just a click away. Happy employees mean satisfied customers!

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Effortless time tracking for accurate work hour insights

Effortlessly track work hours with our digital time clock system. Employees tap in and out, ensuring transparent and accurate records for hassle-free payroll processing.

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Streamline your employment contract management

Manage and sign documents swiftly and securely with the AAPI ME app. Upload your signature once, and it auto-applies to employee contracts, simplifying document handling and storage. Avoid physical paperwork and ensure compliance with secure online document management.

Productivity... it’s key!
Indispensable for optimal business management

Discover how AAPI's dashboards can transform your business operations. Our tools provide real-time insights and analytics, making complex data easy to understand and act upon. Ideal for new and growing businesses, AAPI dashboards are designed to streamline decision-making and boost overall efficiency, helping you achieve your business goals faster.

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Success Stories

“De horeca software van AAPI doet mijn ​café uit een ander vaatje ​tappen.”

NIck Van Dessel - Bar Eduard

“Tools zoals AAPI zijn een efficiënt​middel ​om passie en kennis te kunnen combineren.”

Australian Ice - Top Clean Company