Your complete planning solution 
in Belgium

Transform your workforce management with AAPI, the complete planning solution tailored 
for Belgian businesses. Catering to both variable and fixed schedule teams, AAPI streamlines 
schedule management, enhances payroll processes, and significantly reduces 
administrative tasks, ensuring precision and efficiency in staff management.

Plans, monitors, and manages - streamline your scheduling effortlessly

AAPI redefines workforce management by expertly planning, monitoring, and managing all your scheduling needs. This powerful tool ensures error-free operations by eliminating redundancy and simplifying complex tasks. Experience a seamless, intuitive, and engaging approach to managing your team's schedules with our robust platform.

Accessible around the clock, AAPI provides you and your employees with the tools to access and manage schedules from anywhere, anytime, ensuring operational efficiency and time savings.

Transform your schedule management for unmatched flexibility

Optimize your scheduling with AAPI’s smart shift swapping solutions. Scheduling with AAPI is a breeze thanks to our intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Say goodbye to complicated Excel files and hello to simplified management where you can quickly adjust schedules based on availability and emergencies. In just a few clicks, AAPI allows you to replace an absent employee, send notifications via WHATSAAPI, and adjust Dimona declarations automatically to ensure legal compliance.

AAPI makes last-minute changes manageable, allowing you to focus on what really matters: your business.

Everything you need to manage 
your business at its best


Intuitive real-time dashboard, morning to post-lunch. Simplifies, speeds up, and ensures accuracy in payroll calculations and labor cost analysis.

Task Center

AAPI's Task Center streamlines task management, centralizing and simplifying your workflow in one accessible, user-friendly platform.


Access initial HR reports on workers, contracts, and planning through AAPI, enhancing your hospitality business management with more updates forthcoming.


Manage overtime effortlessly with AAPI, which simplifies calculations and adapts to weekly variations to meet your business needs efficiently.


AAPI automatically calculates salaries and is directly linked with social secretariats, enhancing payroll accuracy and efficiency.

Smart Communication

Manage sudden schedule changes with AAPI; quickly fill gaps and send messages via WHATSAAPI, selecting the best candidates by cost and performance.

Contract Assistant

AAPI's "Contract Assistant" swiftly renews various fixed-term contracts (students, flexi-jobbers, permanent staff) with electronic signing


Dimona declarations are automatically adjusted based on employee schedules or absences, ensuring everything is legally and socially compliant before, during, and after shifts.


No worries! With AAPI, quickly adapt to unexpected changes and easily schedule the ideal replacement in just a few clicks.

Effortless multi-task management with our multiselect feature

Tired of repetitive operations in your scheduling application?

AAPI's 'Multiselect' feature is your solution for efficiency. This powerful tool allows you to manage multiple items simultaneously—select, modify, delete, add, publish, and invite in one go.

Stay connected on the go with AAPI's mobile app

Our mobile app lets you manage schedules and make 
last-minute changes easily, all from your smartphone with 
a daily schedule overview.

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Automated payroll processing based on your schedule

Transform payroll management with AAPI! Automate calculations and compliance effortlessly with our smart, streamlined system. Customize to fit your business needs and enjoy hassle-free payroll execution.

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​Smart notifications in staff scheduling

With smart notifications, AAPI assists employers in creating accurate schedules. Stay compliant with industry and government regulations through timely alerts integrated into your scheduling and payroll exports.

For instance, receive intelligent notifications for mandatory breaks after more than six hours of work, ensuring legal compliance and operational control.