Bring your cleaning company into the digital era

Manage your schedules, bookings, customers & workers in real-time, in one simple interface.


Manage your workforce and customer relations effectively with real-time oversight of your workers' activities, ensuring optimal operational control.


Seamlessly integrates with your social secretary and Pluxee, enabling direct management of Pluxee vouchers within Pootsy powered by AAPI for streamlined operations.


Dynamic, real-time management of your employees' schedules and tasks. Automate your planning and allow your team to focus on core business activities.


Easily download detailed reports and official documents directly through the platform for convenient access and record-keeping.


Every hour matters at Pootsy powered by AAPI, we handle overtime management based on the planned or actual hours your employees work.


A complete system of communication between the company, cleaners, and customers, streamlining updates and issue reporting for enhanced service efficiency.

Explore a user-friendly solution, tailor-made to meet the specific needs of your cleaning business and integrate seamlessly into its operational ecosystem.

For your service vouchers company

The A to Z Solution for managing your business

Manage your planning
Dynamic & real-time management of your employees' planning and services. Let your agenda fill-up automatically, and let your staff focus on what really matters for your business.
Follow your team, real-time !
Be aware of what's happening on the field. You'll be notified if any problem occurs, and you'll be able to communicate with both your customers and cleaners.
Always available & everywhere
Your interface is in the cloud ! That means you can connect from any computer, and access all your plannings, social secretary exports and Pluxee documents, wherever you are !

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For your cleaner

​Simplify cleaner life, boost efficiency: Streamline operations for enhanced your company management

  • Real-time access to their planning and schedule (availabilities, holidays,...).
  • Your workers update the status of their services and report problems.
  • Digital communication system with their company and their customers.
  • Services paid with electronic vouchers are automatically encoded.
  • Paper service vouchers can be scanned right from the app.

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For your client

Empower your clients with a seamless App for managing. Enhancing satisfaction and reducing frustration.

  • Your agenda fills up automatically when customers book their services. 
  • Stay in touch with your customers with the in-app chat. 
  • Pluxee management. 
  • Reporting of your client. 
  • Real-time service monitoring.

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User-Friendly management tool: Fluid, intuitive, rapid

Our solution provides a unique experience with a sleek interface and architecture designed to streamline all aspects of your daily business management.

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​Discover how to boost your ironing service with our smart management tools

Elevate your ironing workshop's efficiency with Pootsy powered by AAPI. Tailor every aspect of your operation with customizable settings that manage pricing, items, and individual workshop costs. This easy-to-integrate system is designed to enhance your workshop’s productivity and streamline operations.

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