Improve interactions 
with your cleaners through 
our dedicated app

With our mobile app, your workers always have efficiency at their fingertips. It 
simplifies communication with the service voucher company, enhancing overall 

​Discover the advanced features of our dedicated app for cleaners

Holidays & absences

The cleaner manages their leave requests and absences directly in the app, ensuring seamless scheduling and reducing administrative overhead for your business.

Electronics voucher

Electronic vouchers are seamlessly processed and encoded automatically, ensuring accurate and efficient payment handling without manual intervention.

Paper vouchers

Paper service vouchers can be scanned directly from the app, streamlining the process and ensuring accurate, real-time encoding and tracking.


The worker can update the status of their services and report problems in real-time, ensuring efficient communication and swift issue resolution.


The cleaner uses a digital communication system to interact with both the company and customers, ensuring seamless updates and efficient problem resolution.


With our mobile app, workers gain real-time access to their planning and schedule via a user-friendly interface, enhancing efficiency and communication.

A tool that makes your life easier and puts a smile on your workers' faces

With a user-friendly interface, employers provide a powerful tool to workers, simplifying their tasks. Cleaners receive their planning in real-time, provide feedback about their services, and request their holidays effortlessly.

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