​Optimize staff in your restaurants, fast food, cafes & bars

Streamline staffing and optimize operations for restaurants, cafes, and bars with AAPI.

Absence & sickness

Our platform fully integrates employee absence and sickness management through both the mobile app and the employer's web environment.


Whether you have fixed or flexible staff, AAPI adapts to your hospitality settings! Quickly create error-free schedules and timetables.

Time Clock

With the AAPI Time mobile app, your invaluable hospitality staff can clock in and out easily and accurately.


Boost real-time productivity using AAPI! Align staff schedules with actual business needs, human resources, and work demands for optimal performance.


Holiday requests are sent straight to your system through our 24/7 mobile app, streamlining the approval process for quick and easy management.


Effortlessly manage overtime in the horeca sector with AAPI, streamlining calculations and adjusting to weekly fluctuations to efficiently fulfill your business requirements.

Streamline absence management like never simple

Revolutionize how you handle staff absences with AAPI! Our intuitive platform makes it easier than ever to oversee leaves with absolute ease and precision. From tracking to approval, experience hassle-free management at your fingertips.

Discover effortless absence management

Simplify your business with APP’s time clock

Streamline time management for restaurants, fast food outlets, cafes, and bars with AAPI. Ensure accurate schedule recording and interpretation anytime, enhancing operational efficiency.

  • Real-time schedule adjustments
  • Precise time clock functionality
  • Tailored for the horeca sector's dynamic environment
  • Simplifies complex scheduling needs

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Managing your staff just got easier with AAPI

  • Continuous access to employee data
  • Manage multiple restaurants through a single interface
  • Leave and overtime counter accessible 24/7
  • Easily create team contracts with our app
  • Digital signatures for contracts
  • Streamline payroll and salary calculations
  • Employees sign contracts via AAPI before each shift
  • Contracts and documents securely stored in the cloud
  • Super-powerful communication tool

Discover effortless absence management

Boost your productivity with AAPI dashboards

Elevate your business operations with AAPI's dashboards, designed to enhance productivity across your restaurant, café, or bar. Gain real-time insights and analytics, make data-driven decisions, and visualize operational success. See your productivity soar as you manage and optimize every aspect of your business with precision.

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