Elevate your hospitality management

Optimize staff scheduling and significantly boost your hotel's operational efficiency with AAPI.


No worries! With AAPI, quickly adapt to unexpected changes and easily schedule the ideal replacement in just a few clicks.

Time Clock

Simplify time tracking and calculations with our digital clock, ensuring accurate, undisputed monthly hours and payments.


Control performance and planning across multiple venues; manage efficiently with your employer app, even when you can't be everywhere at once.


Access initial HR reports on workers, contracts, and planning through AAPI, enhancing your hospitality business management with more updates forthcoming.


Manage overtime effortlessly with AAPI, which simplifies calculations and adapts to weekly variations to meet your business needs efficiently.


Dimona declarations are automatically adjusted based on employee schedules or absences, ensuring everything is legally and socially compliant before, during, and after shifts.

​Simplify staff management with AAPI: efficiency and clarity guaranteed

At AAPI, our mission is no monkey business. That's why we offer a comprehensive suite of tools to optimize every aspect of your human resources management.

  • Real-Time Hour Tracking
  • Multi-Site Management
  • Quick Contract Creation
  • Electronic Contract Signing
  • Access to Contractual Information
  • Secure Cloud Storage
  • Simplified Payroll Process

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Recording and interpreting accurate schedules at any time of the day

Ensure precise timekeeping and interpretation at any time of the day with AAPI TIME advanced digital time clock. Perfectly tailored for dynamic work environments, this tool offers accurate and efficient employee time tracking.

  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Industry-Specific Design
  • Offline Mode
  • PIN Code Security
  • Quick Setup
  • Adaptive Scheduling

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Seamless scheduling and employee management wherever you are

Experience top-tier scheduling and employee management with AAPI's cutting-edge features. Our tools are designed to offer both employers and employees a streamlined, efficient way to handle daily operations and interactions, enhancing workplace communication and productivity.

  • Employee Portal Access: Direct access to schedules, pay slips, and contracts.
  • WHATSAAPI Communication: Instant updates and communication within the app.
  • Employer Dashboard: Monitor performance and manage schedules effectively.
  • Remote Accessibility: Full functionality available remotely for management and engagement.
  • Enhanced Data Security: Robust measures to protect data integrity and privacy.

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Optimize your shift planning for maximum efficiency and profitability

AAPI's innovative shift planning tools allow you to manage and adjust shifts intelligently, respecting both your wage costs and profitability. Seamlessly integrate effective staffing strategies with AAPI's feature-rich platform to enhance operational efficiency and employee satisfaction.

  • Intelligent Shift Swapping: Simplifies staff shift changes while controlling wage costs.
  • Profitability Analysis: Assess shift changes' financial impact to ensure profitable decisions.
  • Real-time Adjustments: Adjust shifts instantly to meet operational demands without compromising cost efficiency.
  • Employee-Driven Scheduling: Empowers employees to manage their shifts, increasing flexibility and responsiveness.
  • Cost Control Tools: Monitor labor costs in real-time to optimize staffing and budget efficiency.

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