Give your customers an app that simplifies their lives

With the app you provide, clients can manage their entire relationship with you 
effortlessly. With just a click, they can handle everything, strengthening their 
relationship with your company and increasing loyalty.

Discover the cool features that benefit both you and your clients

Cleaner notification

Your customer can directly notify your cleaner to optimize requests and improve satisfaction, ensuring personalized and responsive service.


Track services in real-time, allowing immediate updates and ensuring that any issues are promptly addressed for optimal efficiency.


Your client notifies you of their absences and vacations. This automatically updates your schedule and manages the service vouchers seamlessly.


Monitor services in real-time, allowing immediate updates on job status, cleaner availability, and quick response to any issues.


Stay connected with your customers using the in-app chat, allowing for real-time communication and immediate responses to their needs and queries.


Your agenda updates automatically when customers book services, ensuring efficient scheduling and organization without manual effort.

Offer your customers a tool that gives them a unique experience with your cleaning service

With a user-friendly interface, Pootsy app offers big advantages in communication and fluidity for customers. It is a great tool to enhance relationships with your company and the cleaner, providing real-time updates, effortless feedback, and easy management of requests.

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