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Ironing service

Boost your ironing service efficiency with our dedicated modumodule. Customize pricing, items, and costs to enhance productivity and streamline operations.


Integrated directly into the Pootsy environment, the management of Pluxee service vouchers is completely simplified and automated.


Easily download detailed reports and official documents directly from the platform, ensuring convenient access and efficient record-keeping.


AAPI directly links to ONSS and ONEM, automating social security and unemployment declarations, ensuring compliance, and simplifying administrative processes.

Overtime hours

We manage overtime effectively, basing calculations on your employees' scheduled or actual working hours to ensure accuracy and compliance.


Pootsy powered by AAPI calculates salaries automatically and integrates with social secretariats, enhancing payroll accuracy and efficiency.

Holidays and absences

Pootsy powered by AAPI simplifies managing holidays and absences, automating leave requests and approvals, ensuring compliance, and reducing administrative tasks.


A comprehensive communication system connecting the company, cleaners, and customers, streamlining updates and issue reporting for improved service efficiency.


Manage your cleaning staff's schedules and tasks in real-time. Automate planning and let your team focus on delivering excellent service.

Users management

Effortlessly manage user profiles and permissions directly through the platform, ensuring secure access and streamlined administrative control.

Social secretary

We are directly connected to most social secretariats, significantly saving time on administrative tasks and avoiding errors.


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