AAPI business dashboards & insights for optimal returns.

"If you don't know your numbers, you don't know your business!"

Yes, we just found the above quote on the internet under the search term ‘fancy quotes about business and numbers’😅

The quote comes from Marcus Lemonis, just in case you wanted to know. 

But it also gives us a quick hint of what we want to talk about here. 

At AAPI, we quickly realised that clients also had a need for numbers. Those who want to grow also want data. And that's understandable!

More and more, clients were looking for the ideal number of shifts and scheduled staff for optimal efficiency. 

With AAPI's big data analytics, you can make informed efficient decisions faster, as well as look ahead to future trends.

"Show me the money!"

In our user-friendly dashboards, you can consult your costs (staff, F&B, fixed costs) and net returns in ‘real time’.

This allows you to manage quickly and efficiently and create added value in time, money or energy.

Welk dashboard verkies jij als horecaondernemer ‘pur sang’?

A Predictive Dashboard in the morning? A Real Time Dashboard after lunch? Or rather interested in a Simulation Dashboard at closing? With AAPI, it's all possible, 24/7 you get a picture of your costs and benefits based on timeframes.

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