Planning optimisation thanks to AAPI's intelligent shift change solutions

Scheduling shifts with AAPI? A piece of cake! 

With AAPI, you create a schedule in a simple drag-and-drop style. 

No more those gigantic Excel files, which don't really make sense to anyone.

You choose from a list of free employees, invite them to a shift at the same time and in 2 minutes your schedule is made. 

Your staff can also indicate in advance which shifts they would/could like to take.

"Help! Alex can't show up for his shift unexpectedly! Anyone who can still take over?"

Every entrepreneur knows that things often turn out differently than you originally thought. Last-minute changes to your schedule? That's really k*****! 😣

With AAPI, you can switch quickly and fill absences.

Someone who unexpectedly doesn't show up or won't get there? Relax!

Send a quick message in WHATSAAPI or get the best candidates and their availabilities suggested by AAPI in function of salary cost and efficiency.

Thanks to AAPI, you handle the optimal shift change in just a few clicks.

"What about the Dimona declarations?"

These are automatically adjusted and sent according to your employees' schedules or absences. You can be sure that everything is correct and that you are socio-legally in order, even after the shifts 😉

And remember: No More Monkey Business!