Availability of colleagues in staff planning

Working with your BFF?🤗

Knowing which colleague you are rostered with promotes job satisfaction and work efficiency. It is the social aspects that increase dynamism and hospitality in the workplace.

You know what they say: ‘Happy employees, happy customers!’

Now let that be something we want to contribute to with AAPI too!

Want to collaborate with your favourite colleague? Check via AAPI ME which colleague you are scheduled with for that fun shift tomorrow and confirm your scheduling locks.

Pssst, don't forget to sign your contracts😉

Teamwork makes the ...

By taking into account the capabilities and wishes of all employees, planning can produce inspired and collegial employees.

Through AAPI ME, you have access to your colleagues' availability and planning. As an employer, do you know that Pauline and Marie make a super good duo? Then be sure to schedule them together.

Sharing own availability - Consulting availability colleagues - Scheduling together - Teamwork

Managing absences? With AAPI, it's a piece of cake!