Managing absences? With AAPI, it's a piece of cake!

For every absence request (illness, holiday, recup holiday, parental leave, economic unemployment,... ), AAPI automatically suggests fellow employees with the same function.

"Damn, Alex is sick in bed and can't come to work!"

No worries! Thanks to AAPI, you switch quickly to unexpected changes. In just a few clicks, you have planned the ideal replacement.

Even before your coffee gets cold, you have already found a replacement☕

"What about those dimona declarations?"

Those are automatically adjusted and sent according to your employees' schedules or absences. You can be sure that everything is correct and that you are in order before social inspection.

Processing and managing absences has never been so smooth!

P.S. We have since learned that Alex has recovered completely and is back at work smoothly💪.

Not clocking in without signed contract