AAPI x Coffee Bar

Charlene De Buysere is always looking for 'the sweet spot'.

Both for the sweet spot of each cup of coffee, and for the sweet spot of her consultancy and day-to-day operations.

For the sweet spot of hospitality business operations, Charlene relies on AAPI.

AAPI brings me knowledge. And knowledge turns out to be power, because since AAPI, declaring my wages still takes 15 minutes, and my returns increased by 5%. Perfectly under control, and so I can be busy with other essential matters.

Charlene Charlene De Buysere - WAY Specialty Coffee Roasters

The 3 AAPI apps (AAPI APP, AAPI TIME & AAPI ME) are like a daily shot of caffeine, they keep you awake, alert and give a huge boost 🚀 to the ins and outs of your hospitality business.

✔️ flexible workforce planning
✔️ business dashboards & insights for optimum efficiency
✔️ accurate time recording and interpretation every moment of the day
✔️ automatic dimonas & contracts
✔️ complete personnel management in just a few clicks
✔️ optimised and automated payroll processing
✔️ socio-legal smart notifications 
✔️ clear reporting 
✔️ interfacing with GKS, F&B tool Growzer, accounting tool YUKI, various payroll engines,...

⏳ Save time - 📈Increase your efficiency and profits - ⚡️Real Time

The hospitality sector, we at AAPI know it like the back of our hand. In fact, that's where📱we are...

Planning tool AAPI makes hospitality operators salivate with power of artificial intelligence