Automatic Cancellation Dimona declaration


...You have scheduled a flexi employee, but due to the inclement weather you decide last minute to cancel this colleague. 

The dimona declaration was already made, and you don't immediately think of cancelling it... 😅 Recognisable?

"Shit! Forgot to cancel Dimona declaration!"

Thanks to AAPI's feature ‘automatic cancellation Dimona declaration’, an already scheduled Dimona declaration is automatically deleted when an employee has not clocked in (illness, shift change, ...)

As an employer, you can choose this ‘cancellation moment’ yourself. For example, x minutes after scheduled start time, or x minutes after scheduled end.

Every time a Dimona declaration is automatically cancelled, you will receive a notification from AAPI, so you will be aware of any changes at any time of the day.

Useful right? 💪

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