AAPI PLAY: 100% correct & automatic payroll processing from your planning

Looking for a scheduling tool to schedule your permanent staff, students and flexis? 

AAPI is a planning tool that makes life easier for entrepreneurs by simplifying their administration to a large extent! Pay calculations, Dimona declarations, planning shifts, drawing up contracts and signing them digitally ... AAPI can do it all! Indispensable for hotel and catering entrepreneurs and retail companies! 

"I manage all that with Excel!"

AAPI is not just a planning with an ‘Excel link’, but an intelligent planning tool linked to a digital social secretariat with smart sensors, data insights and state-of-the-art API/Web Services.

Your entire HR & Payroll flow (employee personal details, contract, DIMONA, planning, time registration, absences, shift changes, dashboarding, accountant reporting, PAY module, flawless payroll calculation, etc.) is optimised and executed from A-Z, and this without any form of administration!

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AAPI: All PLAY, no fuss, just fun

With AAPI PLAY, processing the monthly salary not only provides a clear overview, is not only easy to use, but most importantly saves time and is a real child's play.


AAPI connects to other hospitality software, various payment gateways and social secretariats/offices.


At 69% customisable and flexible, tailored to your preferences and your own pace.


100% automated processing of salary #horeca