What is AAPI ?

Looking for a scheduling tool to schedule your permanent staff, students and flexis? Then you should take a look at AAPI.

AAPI what ?

AAPI is a planning tool that makes life easier for entrepreneurs by simplifying their administration to a large extent! Payroll calculations, Dimona declarations, scheduling shifts, preparing and digitally signing contracts, ...

AAPI can do it all! Indispensable for hospitality and retail businesses!  

Digitise your administration with AAPI and discover how much time you can save. 

It really is worth it!

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Planning en Dimona

Scheduling shifts with AAPI? A piece of cake! 

With AAPI, you create a schedule in a simple drag-and-drop style. 

No more those gigantic Excel files, which don't really make sense to anyone. 

You choose from a list of free employees, invite them to a shift at the same time and in 2 minutes your schedule is made.

What about the Dimona declarations?

These are automatically adjusted and sent according to your employees' schedules or absences. You are sure that everything is correct and socio-legal you are in order, even after the shifts.

Availability of personnel

Every entrepreneur knows that things often turn out differently than you originally thought. Last-minute changes in your schedule? That really s*cksss!

With AAPI, you can quickly switch and fill absences. Immediately get to see who is still available and choose a replacement in one click. And voilà, your schedule is complete, customers can be served and the shop is up and running.

Contract & digitally sign contract on smartphone

Create a new employment contract for every new employee?  Print out the contract, sign it by hand, scan it ... Honestly? A person has better things to do. 

With AAPI you create contracts, you can have your staff sign them digitally 

and store them all in a central place. 
No more documents getting lost! Done with all that paperwork. Digitise your administration and planning with AAPI. 

Time recording

Keeping track of hours worked with a time clock? Sounds corny, but it's not! Thanks to our time clock, your staff can keep track of her hours very easily. Start of a shift? Time clock! Taking a break? Time clock! Back to work? Indeed, time clock!
And so you and your staff get a clear overview of the hours worked!

No more hassle with writing down hours in your notes and adding up all the hours. 

Because at the end of the month, you both know the number of hours worked and there is no discussion about being overpaid or underpaid. 

Everything is tracked honestly!

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