Planning And Dimona

With AAPI, you always have visibility of your returns.

  • In real-time
  • Every day
  • And also as a simulation

AAPI helps create your schedule in a simple drag-and-drop style.

  • Choose from a list of free employees
  • Invite previous employees to a shift at the same time
  • Change hours

Depending on wage costs and returns, AAPI will present you with the best candidates and their availabilities.

You can draw up contracts in a jiffy without having to check with your social secretary.

  • Employee onboarding
  • Invite new employees by text message to fill in data digitally
  • Choose between all available functions with automatic wage calculation

Let your employees sign their contracts and documents digitally, without the hassle of printing, signing and scanning.

As an employer, you upload your signature once. AAPI automatically places this on every document signed by your employee. All documents are stored securely online.

What about Dimona declarations?

Dimonas are automatically adjusted according to your employees' schedules or absences. You are sure that everything is correct and you are socio-legal in order, even after the shifts.

AAPI always has a ready-made digital answer to any socio-legal question.

Constantly changing social legislation and increasing complexity around taxation and new technologies require a lot of attention. AAPI keeps its own finger on the pulse so you don't have to.

Payroll processing and social secretariat