Even after Corona, AAPI is more than an interim income statement for your banker!

That Covid-19 will have a heavy impact on the economy is an open secret. Unfortunately, what this impact will be in concrete terms, no one knows yet.

What has become painfully clear, however, is that on the economic front, the hospitality and hospitality sector has been the first to bear the consequences following the measures announced since 13 March last.

While no one questions that public health takes precedence and the measures are responsible, there is no getting around the economic consequences. The consequences will be felt for some time to come

Measuring is knowing

Even in times of crisis, AAPI is proving its worth.

Still too many entrepreneurs assess their business on the basis of their income statement. While there is obviously nothing wrong with that, and it should be done, in reality, it should be noted that an (interim) income statement in itself does not provide sufficient information to make targeted and timely adjustments.

AAPI is thereby a powerful tool that provides real-time reflection on profitability, allowing immediate and targeted adjustments ‘on the spot’, without having to wait for your results and their discussion.

That your numbers at the end of this year will be worse than hoped for is likely. Nonetheless, based on the use of AAPI, you will be able to accurately estimate the impact of Covid-19, so you should not somewhat ignorantly just hope for a better year assuming we will be spared from another severe health crisis.

But there is more

Not only does AAPI give you as an entrepreneur an accurate insight into your business, but also the people surrounding you including e.g. your banker.

It is not unlikely that you will need to turn to external financing sooner than expected. Using AAPI, you will be able to demonstrate the reason for your financing need, the size order of the bridging required, as well as your repayment capacity.

Even if you would like to take out an (investment) loan next year, but can only present poor current results (for reasons known to you), with the help of the data uncovered by AAPI you will still have the chance to demonstrate the profitability of your business.


Notwithstanding that during the development of AAPI, the possibility of a pandemic outbreak and total industry lockdown - something that even at the beginning of this year no one had foreseen - was not considered, it should be noted that even in these circumstances, AAPI reveals data that can make a difference more than ever.

Starter: dates, main course: wisdom, dessert: future.