Data Done Right

The white cash register or registered POS system (GKS) is catapulting us all the way into the digital age alongside the formal economy. Now, the GKS is still viewed too much as a control tool, while it contains a wealth of information for hospitality operators.


Business models based on big data analytics today make it possible to make informed and efficient decisions faster and even predict future trends.

Data mining traces anomalies, patterns and correlations in data sets containing millions of data in milliseconds. A level of detail that you and I as humans cannot pick up.

Digital disruption continues unabated in every sector, and data plays a leading role in this evolution. So anyone who wants to keep up today in this rapidly changing world had better know how data can contribute to tomorrow's business.

Data, insights & analytics

We may well see (big) data as the new oil: a raw material of strategic importance for companies. Unlike oil, data are not scarce; we are all emitting a deluge of data at lightning speed. But like oil, data has little added value in ‘raw form’: we can only really use it if we first refine it into actionable insights. So if we deploy the right tools, we can indeed make sense of that huge, rapidly growing and unstructured volume of data and find correlations in it that lead to unexpected and valuable insights.

Measuring is knowing 2.0

Perhaps there is a plethora of data present in your hospitality organisation today and there is a real chance that you can extract more from it than you are doing today. Potentially, there are also insights hidden in this that can help you address your current and future challenges. Measuring is knowing but it is not enough.

Digital Business Dashboard AAPI

AAPI is the tool that unlocks and links all that information as well as the data from numerous other new hospitality technologies. With one swipe of the smartphone, hospitality entrepreneurs get transparent financial insight into all aspects of their business.

Based on the Digital Business Dashboard, AAPI also formulates recommendations and advice that lead to smart route-to-market solutions. This advice allows the hospitality entrepreneur to make correct and fundamentally sound decisions.

No more monkeybusiness

To be successful in the hospitality industry, there is more to it than that. More than ever before, there will be a need for human contact and high-quality, personal service. The successful entrepreneur of the future will build on digital perfection and a new form of human communication. AAPI, No more monkey business!

What is AAPI ?