Which passionate hospitality professionals want to be in front of Thomas 'Switn' Sweertvaegher's lens?

To honour your craftsmanship and the most beautiful métier on earth, we would like to put you in the spotlight (and thus in front of the camera of a renowned photographer) once more. By now, everyone recognises the signature of the Horecafocus Group's imagery. These hospitality portraits by Thomas Switn Sweertvaegher focus on the passionate hospitality entrepreneur (from the restaurant, bar, café, catering and hotel world) and/or his employees. 

On Friday 17 July, we will organise a special edition: The Antwerp Al Fresco Pop-Up Photo Call Opportunity.

We will dive into Antwerp's daily life with our photographers, setting up our photo equipment at various outdoor catering locations and at different times. 

You can drop by to have a handsome hospitality portrait taken of you; a personal image provided with a dash of passion and a dash of rock 'n roll. In these times of the new normal, we want spontaneity and individuality to prevail, which is why you can determine the look and feel of your photo yourself, and bring along the necessary props or materials. The result of this collaboration will be delivered to you later.

At 9am, our mobile photo studio will be ready for you at café De Hopper (Leopold de Waelstraat 2, Antwerp). Then at 10h30 we walk towards Antwerp city centre, taking ad hoc spontaneous photos of catering colleagues along the way. 

From 12h00 you can find us at Vrijdagmarkt for a second posing session. Around 13h30, we walk towards the Eilandje/north. Via all sorts of catering detours and shortcuts and accompanying instant photo opportunities, we'll turn our photo lights back on at Story Urban Deli Shop at 4 pm one last time.

You can hook up adhoc when and where it suits you, you are also always welcome to bring your catering contacts for atmosphere, conviviality or photogenic added value.

Want to come along the sidelines to support your catering colleagues, or just have a spontaneous drink? It's all possible! Just consult our roadmap for details:

Timings & locations Pop-Up Horeca Photo Shoot Opportunity - the Antwerp 'Al Fresco' Edition - Friday 17 July 2020

  • 09h00-10h30: meeting point Café De Hopper - Leopold de Waelstraat 2 - Antwerp
  • 10:30 -> walk towards the centre of Antwerp
  • 12h00-13h30: meeting point BarBel - Vrijdagmarkt 1 - Antwerpen
  • 13h30 -> walk direction north/Eilandje
  • 16h00-18h00 meeting point Story Urban Deli Shop - Godefriduskaai 2 - Antwerp

At these 3 locations, you can stop by at corresponding times for a photo and a drink (coffee, soda, beer or wine). Of course, you can always follow the photo caravan, and join in along the way.

If you have any specific questions, or if something is still not clear to you, please email info@aapi.be with the subject Pop-Up Photo Shoot Antwerp 17 July 2020.



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