Everything you wanted to know about AAPI, but were afraid to ask...

Boost your hospitality business 

Ready to drive your hospitality business forward, but not yet found the time and focus to become familiar with all the new time- and money-saving AAPI features?

'Monkey See, Monkey Do' 

AAPI is happy to give you a little digital push towards added value. Customer coaches Michael and Ilja share via screen mirroring not only their screen, but also their tips and tricks, time-saving short-cuts and user-friendly optimisations. A real walkthrough of all the new AAPI features.

AAPI's digital push towards added value

Wondering how much extra time you can save with your planning? Curious how you can quickly and efficiently optimise your staff management with the new features? Interested in the maximised automatic workflow? Reserve 15 minutes of your time and tap the brain and screen of AAPI's customer coaches Michael & Ilja for an efficient and effective 'Screen Mirroring Sprint Session'.

Go completely nuts with AAPI's newest features ...

and mail to info@aapi.be, michael@aapi.be or ilja@aapi.be with a few dates and time slots that suit you. AAPI's customer coaches will keep their digital finger on the pulse and quickly get back to you with a confirmation and a link for this customised 'Screen Mirroring Sprint Session'.

AAPI, no more monkey business


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