Not clocking in without signed contract

"Have those contracts been signed yet?"

Due to all sorts of circumstances, your employee may forget to sign his/her contract, and sometimes, as an employer, you simply forget to follow up or check.

A little nuance or nonchalance, but you don't want to come to this observation during a social inspection in your catering business.... 👮‍♂️

A signed contract is conclusive proof of the agreements you have made with your employee, and one of the documents that is routinely requested during a social inspection tour.

Better safe than sorry

To avoid that kind of hassle, AAPI has developed the ‘do not clock in without a signed contract’ notification.

If you activate this ‘gentle reminder’, AAPI's smart sensors ensure that employees cannot clock in if there is no signed contract available from them.

And so no one starts his/her shift without the contract being signed🤝.

Not only is this then the perfect time to put contracts in order; it also takes no more than a few seconds to sign contracts. Through the respective AAPI apps, employer and employee can digitally sign the contract in a beat.

Important: Of course, as an employer, you still have the option of quickly clocking in your employee manually.

"Sign your contract before you start your shift!"

According to our customers, the above notification is interesting when you work with students on daily contracts. This type of contract often needs to be drawn up, and is often forgotten.

If this notification is active, employee and employer will be notified, and the contract can be signed digitally immediately.

Planning optimisation thanks to AAPI's intelligent shift change solutions