AAPI : the first digital social agency in Belgium

​AAPI: Smart digital alternative

Constantly changing social legislation and increasing complexity around taxation and new technologies mean that social secretariats often no longer have a ready-made answer for Belgian (hotel and catering) employers. This complexity, combined with outdated ICT solutions, means that employers have to be patient if they want to pay their employees correctly and on time. The new app AAPI offers a smart digital answer in this respect.

​AAPI : the first digital social agency in Belgium

The ready-made digital socio-legal answer for every Belgian hospitality employer

BYE BYE complex & time-consuming payroll & personnel administration

HELLO digital automation & proactive socio-legal hyper-personalised advice

UNIQUE AAPI is fygital : digital app with physical Customer Coach standby

​And all at a lower management cost...

One of the bone of contention between social secretariats is pricing. AAPI wants to provide customisation in this area. The app is particularly customer-friendly and modular. It allows personnel management to be highly automated.

The hospitality employer has the opportunity to take over a lot of processes and select what they do or don't do themselves. This, of course, translates into the rate.

AAPI: One download and all other socio-legal tools and programmes become instantly redundant.

‘Up-to-date’ & ‘in sync’ with AAPI automatic messaging